Hello, I'm Kirsti.


There's a good chance that if you are reading this, you are familiar with me and know a little about my experience and story, but I'd love to tell you a little more.

I've been in the industry for 7 years now, and during that time I've had an incredibly successful career... well my definition of success anyhow, like beauty, it's a subjective topic

I began the industry as many do, desperate and in need of money to turn my dreams into reality, and to feed my family. I'd moved to Sydney because of a series of unfortunate events that led to moving myself and my daughter interstate to live with my parents as the absolute last resort.

I was devastated I was in this place of desperation and realistically, poverty. Depressed doesn't come close to illustrating just how broken I was.

One day I had enough, I couldn't live like this anymore, frantically searching for coins in lounges and cars to find enough to buy food. I thought no more, I am finding a way out.

I had always been incredibly interested and fascinated by the adult industry and in a sense I am grateful that desperation led me explore it.

While I didn't start out on my own, I came from a sales and marketing background and am incredibly determined, strong willed and resourceful, so it wasn't long that after working for agencies and others I wanted to work independently, my way.

I chose to begin an independent career with absolutely no income coming in, no other job to rely on, and I chose to work face out to burn my bridges. I had to be successful in this choice so I made it hard for me to be employable outside the industry. I had to make this work.

And I did- exceptionally quickly. 

The thing is though, the industry changes rapidly and thus, so does your income. I felt overwhelmed and lost at times because what had previously worked WASN'T working any more.

The game had changed.

I had to rework my strategies and systems continuously to continue making the income I felt was necessary. 

Then something else changed. My priorities. I no longer wanted to be constantly working on my business, I didn't have the desire to 'working' 24/7. I had to readjust and find new strategies once more.

And I did. 

Now I work from a very structured and systematic way that works for me, I earn more than I evert have, while having the balance I craved. 

I made the industry work for me. And that's exactly what I want to do with you.

My approach to coaching is one that works to empower you, to work with you in finding your own unique path to success within in an industry that thrives on variety and confidence.

I don't want you to follow my own path, I don't want you to mirror exactly what worked for me, you are your own person, with your own strengths and own goals. Together we work together to establish exactly what you want, what's been holding you back and create a strategy that works for you while addressing any unconscious resistance to change because if you have all the information available to you, but there's something underlying that is stopping you from actioning it, then education is useless.

That is why my approach is not only different but gets my clients the results and confidence in their own abilities to take their business to new heights.