I'm getting a vibe that you know writing is pretty imperative part of marketing and advertising. I have a feeling though, it's just not your fave thing to do or you just can't seem to find the time to chill and write some beautiful, engaging words to appeal to your audience.


There's about fifty thousand reasons why writing in this industry is something that makes the majority break into a cold sweat. One of that we constantly is that people don't like writing THAT way about themselves. We get it. Don't stress girl- we are here.


The beauty of the internet is you can easily outsource those tasks that have been sitting on your to-do list week after week, the ones you find creative ways to avoid consistently. We'd love to help you quit with procrastination and get that writing done and online to get that money rolling in.



Here are you options my dear, let us ease that writing angst:



Blog posts- We'd like you to fill out a brief for us to construct the perfect blog posts to draw the right people to your site, and get them picking up their phone to contact you. If you are currently experiencing a creative dry spell, no problem, we can throw some ideas your way if needed


Single blog post                           $125

250-350 words

Turn around time: 7 days, includes a revision if needed re-delivered within 24hr



Package of 5 posts                 $500

250-350 words each

Turn around time:7-14 days from time completed brief received, includes a revision per post if needed , re-delivered within 48hr



The right combination of words, strung together fluently, is what can separate you from the rest. The simple allure of an articulately and seductively written advert can be the one simple factor of gaining more of the clients you wish were calling. We want your ad to sound like you, to be a genuine and enticing description of you and what you have to offer. We don't believe in a cookie cutter approach. We will use the info you provide to construct a bio it will be hard to forget, while remaining true to who you are. 


This a personal and intimate industry, we believe in utilising each of our unique charms in order to satisfy our clients, and we can help you communicate that to your potential callers. 

Blog posts/pack of 5