Feeling boujee and extra AF??


You can have a one of a kind outfit made to bring a unique edge, use it as a talking point and something to remember.


It's a challenge finding outfits that are unique and on-brand, that are still appealing to potential clients and not in others photos. It's disappointing af when you have your outfits planned for months and just before you shoot new photos from a peer have been released with the outfits you had planned to wear. We get it. It sucks. Now you can eliminate that little issue raining on your parade.


We work with your creative, your brand, who your target clients are to create something completely unique but beautiful, eye-catching-all the things you want.


We can take the reigns completely if you'd rather and come up with some designs that we think would work based on your branding and location.


This is a rather exclusive and seriously extra service offering and as design and construction is broad with multiple facets contributing to the end product, best to touch base with us for a consult though prices start at $200.


Factors that will contribute to the final cost are the complexity of design plus the labour required to create it and the cost of the materials involved.


Get in touch if it's something you are interested in knowing more about

Custom outfit design