2022: 6 week one-on-one  Program
Take control of your business

There's no denying, we have have a turbulent two years, it has been a rollercoaster for business and our sanity. We are entering a new year and while that alone doesn't guarantee we are going to be instantly free of all the drama and unpredictable chaos of the the recent times, it is certainly an opportunity for us to take control of our business from the beginning of the year, to start the year knowing we are doing all we can to take on any more curve balls thrown at us and to come up with a strong strategy that doesn't just have you surviving, but thriving.

Now is your chance to invest in yourself, your business and prepare for the inevitable unexpected challenges while facing all the resistances that have been holding you back.

This approach to coaching is not create a cookie cutter prototype of someone else's career, but to find your unique strengths, work on your specific goals, uncover all that's been holding you back,  look at where you are now and where you want to go and create a plan that gets YOU where you want to go.

Using a combination of business coaching, counselling, motivational, mindset techniques combined with my own industry experience we work together to empower you, to help you establish the confidence in your abilities and strategise ways you can continue to grow your business consistently once our time together wraps up.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to create a harmonious and profitable work/life balance

  • You have been working independently for a little while and you want make it easier, work smarter not harder

  • You have big goals and are getting a little overwhelmed with how to reach them

  • You are brand new to independent work, or you're looking to move from working under someone else and work for yourself, and you want to save yourself time and money and bypassing common mistakes

  • You know what you SHOULD be doing but can't work out why it's so hard for you to do it-we will uncover the resistance around change

  • Maybe you work online and in-person and you know there is a better way to do this, you want to free up some time, and invest your energy in the right tasks

  • You want to invest in yourself and your business and want to learn from someone

  • with solid business/industry experience and a reputable brand

  • You want to learn systems, structure, sales, marketing, and client management techniques that will substantially increase your income

  • You have been looking to move from one area of the industry to working independently and want to get it right from the beginning

  • You can prioritise the time each week to put your business first 

  • You are willing to move out of your tried and tired practices, moving out of your comfort zone to try some new techniques

  • You can commit the time and effort your business deserves

  • You know that simply purchasing a course isn't going to land you with tonnes of new clients, and that it takes effort on your behalf and willingness to try new strategies


  1. 2022 business strategy

  2. Full business analysis and goal setting

  3. Tailored step by step action plan to achieve your goals

  4. 6 week online program

  5. Email support for the full 6 weeks (value $2000)

  6. Tasks specific to your goals to move you from one goal to the next

  7. Weekly reflection and accountability checkins

  8. 6 weekly mentoring calls (value $2100)

  9. 1 follow up mentoring call 6 weeks after program is complete to ensure you've stayed on track (value $350)

  10. -1 mentoring progress check in 6 months after program ends ( value $200)

  11. Planning, marketing, branding resources

  12. Lifetime access to self paced programs (value $1250)

  13. Advertising and marketing strategy for 6 weeks after program ends (value $600)

Modules covered in the included online program:

Module 1: Business Analyse- What exactly is going on? What's working and what's not? We work out where your strengths lie and what areas we can work on.

Module 2: Clients- retention, satisfaction and service

Module 3: Branding- Redefine who you are (includes information on how to  rebrand if that's whats on the cards for you)

Module 4: Marketing- Now you know who you are, who your clients are, lets learn how to get their attention...

Module 5: Website and Advertising: You might be nailing these already but for those that need the information, this is for you

Module 6: Photoshoots- No doubt you've done a shoot or two (or 7) by this point however here you are taught how to plan and execute with confidence

Module 7: Mindset- This industry can cause a little havoc on our mentality, here the program covers some common issues that come up, as well as working through any resistance that's come up

Module 8: Content creation: content is king my friend, if you want to level up, you have to nail it. This program shows you how

Module 9: Boundaries- Our boundaries get tested time and time again, learn some techniques that you can implement with clients, peers and people in your personal life

Module 10: Self Care- This whole program has a self care element running through it from beginning to end. A successful business is fab, but it won't mean much if you are too burnt out to work! Stay on top of that, baby!

24th January 2022-

               6th March 2022

Only 4 places available to ensure time and energy for each person. This will be the final time I offer the program at this rate. It is very involved for me, I spend a lot of time each week preparing for each person, and ensuring they are accountable and moving toward their goals

Coaching is a team effort, you can be given all the knowledge in the world but if you don't implement it, or communicate any resistance around it so it can addressed, nothing will change.

I only work specifically with people who value their time, my time, and know their business is worth investing in, the people who know that the more time and energy they invest, the greater the rewards that are reaped.

I ask all interested people to answer a few questions so I can be assured our professional relationship will be a highly successful duo as well as to ensure both your goals and commitment are aligned with what this program has to offer

                    $2000 total

(value if each purchased individually $6400, saving $4400)

Option to be paid in 4 instalments (1st instalment as a deposit of $750 to secure your place, then in fortnightly payments.)

Paying the deposit is a commitment to the course, there are no change of mind or refunds available. Spaces are limited and a deposit is a commitment to the fee.

To pay through a payment plan an official agreement is put in place which includes your legal details

"Yes it actually opened my mind. I honestly failed to treat this as a business and didn't have a proper business plan or marketing strategy to start with. The minute I started doing this it made me think of the possible things to post or branch out. You are doing a great job honesty this course changed the way I see things and I look forward to our chats every week!"

                        -coaching client round 2

I can’t believe I’ve already made 4 times my money in the first 2 weeks. The suggestion to upsell him to a 24 hour worked!!! Thank you so much. I didn’t even know someone would want to spend 24 hours with me but you were 100% right 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


                                                     -coaching client round 2